Hotel for FOSDEM

Jeremy White jwhite at
Thu Dec 20 13:55:25 CST 2012

Hi Folks,

The nature of FOSDEM means that people can stay wherever they like.  And
the FOSDEM page itself lists a bunch of places, including a bunch of
inexpensive options.

However, I thought it would be useful to pick a 'default' hotel; that's
where I and all the CodeWeavers folks will be staying, so other people
from Wine might want to stay there as well.

We have chosen the Best Western Hotel Royal Centre:

It's fairly close to the Grand Place, which Wolfram suggested.  It is a
fair way from FOSDEM itself.  But I gather that most hotels are, so
we're not unique in that regard.  Google transit suggests it's faster on
the public transit (30 minutes) than the hotel Mozilla used last year,
so it doesn't seem worse than most.

We were quoted a rate of 89 Euros per night, and we were told that rate
would be offered to anyone else that called.  Of course, we're fairly
naive, so maybe you can get an even better deal...<grin>

You may need to call or email them; when I tried their online system
yesterday, it wasn't working.

One key feature of this hotel was a bar, which means people have a place
to connect.  So that's where I'll be on Friday, testing Alexandre's
claim that Belgian beers are the best... <grin>



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