Social plans at FOSDEM

Jeremy White jwhite at
Fri Jan 17 09:43:00 CST 2014


I've been thinking about FOSDEM.  Bradley has kindly offered to organize 
a dinner on Sunday night, just like we had last year.

That sounded great, so I asked him to go ahead.

On Friday, we traditionally gather in the hotel bar, with the jet lagged 
folks dropping out early, and others going off to have fun.

I don't recall what we did for Saturday dinner last year.  I know we did 
the FOSDEM beer thing, with mixed results, but I think that was after 

For dinner, I seem to recall that we split up into ad hoc groups and 
roamed around town.  That seems like a fun idea. But it does get awkward 
to coordinate.  Would it make sense to instead see if the hotel will let 
us use their dining space and have food ordered in?  Does anyone have a 
strong memory / preference?

And do we want to do some pre planning and pick a Saturday night 
watering hole ahead of time?  My instincts suggest that avoiding the 
FOSDEM beer thing would be a good idea...  Anyone care to volunteer?



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