WineConf 2018

Henri Verbeet hverbeet at
Mon Apr 30 04:17:36 CDT 2018

Since the registration deadline is tomorrow, I figured it was time for
a small update. We currently have received 56 registrations, for a
total of 64 people. That's slightly up from previous years.

If you haven't signed up yet, and after the May 1 deadline decide you
would still like to join us, you're still welcome. However, you'd be
responsible for arranging your own accommodation. If you happen to be
in the area, and only want to join in the social parts of the
conference, like the Friday afternoon programme or the Saturday
evening barbecue, that's fine too, just let us know.

We still have a fair number of free slots for talks. If you happen to
know someone who's a good speaker, willing to give a talk on a subject
of interest to the Wine community, or perhaps have a good idea for
something with a slightly different format than a traditional talk,
please let me know, and we'll do our best to convince Aric and Jeremy
to allow it. :D

If you happen to have decent quality video equipment, and would be
willing to use that to record the conference, please contact me. I
know Fran├žois has offered to bring his 360-degree camera, and would be
happy with anything we can get, but would be most comfortable with a
traditional video camera or perhaps a DSLR/ILC without recording
limit. I'm currently trying to work something out for the audio

If you'd like to join us for any part of the Friday afternoon
programme [1], but haven't signed up yet, don't hesitate. A number of
you have already contacted me, but there is also still room for a fair
number of people.



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