Wineconf story time - please introduce yourself

Jeremy White jwhite at
Thu Jun 28 08:43:50 CDT 2018

So a number of us have arrived, and are going to go walk about in the
sunshine to attempt to stave off jet lag.  Looks like there is a new
terrace bar that might be fun later on as well.

A note - this event is in large part a social event.  Many of us know
each other already, so if you are new, we are eager to meet you, and you
should feel welcome to introduce yourself.

We had an attendee in Stuttgart who sat one table over from us the whole
night and never introduced himself.  I was deeply embarrassed to
discover that the next morning when we put on name tags.  We would have
loved to include him, and ever since then, I've made a point of asking
new people to connect.  Shoot an email if you are here but have not
connected yet, and we'll find a way to make some introductions.



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