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Valve Releases SteamPlay for Linux

August 23, 2018

Valve has released SteamPlay Beta for Linux. It includes a modified distribution of Wine, to provide compatibility with Windows game titles. The included improvements to Wine have been designed and funded by Valve, in a joint development effort with CodeWeavers.

Here are some examples of what they been working on together since 2016:

  • vkd3d, the Direct3D 12 implementation based on Vulkan
  • The OpenVR and Steamworks native API bridges
  • Many wined3d performance and functionality fixes for Direct3D 9 and Direct3D 11
  • Overhauled fullscreen and gamepad support
  • The "esync" patchset, for multi-threaded performance improvements

Proton, the tool that Steam Play uses to provide Windows compatibility, contains a custom version of Wine as well as additional libraries developed alongside it. It's fully open-source and available on GitHub.