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Wine 20040505 Released

May 10, 2004

What's new in this release:

  • Many more filesystem improvements, including autodetection of drive types and devices, and support for editing the drive configuration with winecfg.
  • Many Direct3D improvements.
  • Several fixes to the various sound drivers.
  • Lots of bug fixes.

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Interview with Mike Hearn

May 6, 2004

WineHQ is hosting another series of interviews with Wine developers. Mike Hearn is interviewed by Brian Vincent in the first of our series of interviews for 2004.
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Wine Weekly News Issue 221

April 30, 2004

WWN Issue 221 was released today.

Wine Weekly News Issue 220

April 23, 2004

WWN Issue 220 was released today.

Wine Weekly News Issue 219

April 16, 2004

WWN Issue 219 was released today.

TransGaming's WineX 3.3.1 Released

April 13, 2004

TransGaming released WineX 3.3.1 today. "WineX 3.3.1 is primarily a bug fix release. However, it also includes a number of DirectX 9 related changes to make the present patch level of EverQuest work, and a major reduction in sound latency." For more information, see the release notes.

Wine 20040408 Released

April 10, 2004

What's new in this release:

  • DOS devices and drives are now configured through symlinks.
  • Many shell32 improvements.
  • New task manager merged from ReactOS.
  • First version of wineprefixcreate tool for initial setup.
  • Lots of bug fixes.

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Wine Weekly News Issue 218

April 9, 2004

WWN Issue 218 was released today.

IBM developerWorks Tutorial

April 7, 2004

IBM's developerWorks published "A taste of Wine: Transition from Windows to Linux" today. (23 April 2004 - Google's cache still has a copy, but it's been removed from IBM's website.) For years IBM's articles have gone in-depth on subjects and provided more information than your average technical article. This one is no exception and covers everything from Wine's underlying architecture to creating a Winelib app. There's something in there for everyone, check it out.

Wine Weekly News Issue 217

April 2, 2004

WWN Issue 217 was released today.

Onebase Linux Supports Wine

March 31, 2004

Onebase Linux announced support for Wine using a custom configuration system. Their Wine Gallery lists applications you can run and includes MS Word View, Sim City 3000, and Dreamweaver MX. For more information about this Linux distro, check out their website. Thanks to Frank's Corner for finding this link.

WineHQ Site Updates

March 30, 2004

WineHQ has seen quite a few additions over the past week. We're now able to display the completion of various API's from release to release. The source to the Wine Application Database was released and is available via CVS (as well as browsable via LXR.) One of the first new additions linked apps to bugs filed in BugZilla. The To Do List has seen updates from several areas, including more things bumped into the DONE category. Finally, Mike McCormack suggested three new fun projects someone might be interested in tackling:
  • implementation of jscript.dll using Mozilla's SpiderMonkey
  • implementation of Image Color Management, mscms.dll, using Little CMS
  • implementation of cryptography functions using OpenSSL's

Wine Weekly News Issue 216

March 26, 2004

WWN Issue 216 was released today.

Wine Weekly News Issue 215

March 19, 2004

WWN Issue 215 was released today.

Wine Weekly News Issue 214

March 12, 2004

WWN Issue 214 was released today.

Wine 20040309 Released

March 9, 2004

  • Much improved winegcc tool, now used to build Wine itself.
  • VxDs are now separate libraries for better modularity.
  • Improvements and simplifications to the drive configuration.
  • New setupapi INF script to create the initial registry.
  • Many improvements to the various multimedia dlls.
  • Lots of bug fixes.
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Wine Weekly News Issue 213

March 05, 2004

WWN Issue 213 was released today.

Wine Weekly News Issue 212

February 27, 2004

WWN Issue 212 was released today.

Wine Weekly News Issue 211

February 20, 2004

WWN Issue 211 was released today.

More Site Updates

February 18, 2004

We updated some more pages on the site. The Who's Who page has been rewritten. Some new names have appeared, some old ones will be moved to an as-yet unwritten acknowledgements page. A small update to the introduction page should make finding some of our resources easier to find.

WineX 3.3 Released

February 18, 2004

TransGaming released WineX 3.3 yesterday. This new release includes support for Steam - Valve's peer to peer network designed to give you the latest updates for mods such as CounterStrike, Half-Life, and Day of Defeat. See the release notes for more details.

WineHQ Site Updates

February 17, 2004

Pardon our dust. We're in the midst of making some updates to the WineHQ site. On of the things you might notice immediately is we've changed the download page. We've combined source and binary downloads on one page and listed all of the individual packages available for various distributions. Have you tried out Wine lately?

We've also updated our status pages, including new porting status and Winecfg options pages.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to mail wine-devel.

Wine 20040213 Released

February 13, 2004

  • Improved support for screen resolution changes.
  • More shell32 improvements.
  • Several Winelib compatibility fixes.
  • Beginnings of support for typelib creation.
  • Lots of bug fixes.
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Wine Weekly News Issue 210

February 13, 2004

WWN Issue 210 was released today.

Wine Weekly News Issue 209

February 6, 2004

WWN Issue 209 was released today.