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WineX 3.3 Released

February 18, 2004

TransGaming released WineX 3.3 yesterday. This new release includes support for Steam - Valve's peer to peer network designed to give you the latest updates for mods such as CounterStrike, Half-Life, and Day of Defeat. See the release notes for more details.

WineHQ Site Updates

February 17, 2004

Pardon our dust. We're in the midst of making some updates to the WineHQ site. On of the things you might notice immediately is we've changed the download page. We've combined source and binary downloads on one page and listed all of the individual packages available for various distributions. Have you tried out Wine lately?

We've also updated our status pages, including new porting status and Winecfg options pages.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to mail wine-devel.

Wine 20040213 Released

February 13, 2004

  • Improved support for screen resolution changes.
  • More shell32 improvements.
  • Several Winelib compatibility fixes.
  • Beginnings of support for typelib creation.
  • Lots of bug fixes.
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Wine Weekly News Issue 210

February 13, 2004

WWN Issue 210 was released today.

Wine Weekly News Issue 209

February 6, 2004

WWN Issue 209 was released today.

ReactOS 0.2 Final is now available.

February 3, 2004

ReactOS announced the release of ReactOS 0.2 Final. "The main functionality change is that of booting into the graphical ROS Explorer. The release features more additions and fixes than the ability to boot into explorer. For a complete listing, view the release changelog."

WineConf '04 Summary

February 3, 2004

A WineConf summary has been put together and made available in the form of Wine Weekly News #208.

WineConf '04 Complete

February 2, 2004

WineConf for 2004 is now over. Thanks go out to all the attendees and those who chatted with us on IRC. We will be posting movies, slides, IRC logs, and photos to the WineConf website.

WineConf 2004

January 31, 2004

WineConf 2004 is now in session. There is a live video feed available at the WineConf website.

Wine Weekly News Issue 207

January 30, 2004

WWN Issue 207 was released today.

Wine Weekly News Issue 206

January 23, 2004

WWN Issue 206 was released today.

CodeWeavers CrossOver Compatibility Center

January 22, 2004

CodeWeavers announced the creation of the CodeWeavers CrossOver Compatibility Center, aka C4. This is part of a major new initiative to help Wine support more applications. "C4 also gives the Linux desktop community -- now numbering in the millions -- a place to "vote" for Linux support of specific Windows applications, as well as to pledge time and even money to see their favorite or essential Windows applications certified for the Linux desktop."

TransGaming Releases Point2Play 1.2

January 22, 2004

TransGaming released Point2Play 1.2 yesterday. The new version brings support for multiuser WineX installations and translations to German and Portuguese.

Wine 20040121 Released

January 21, 2004

  • Many improvements in the shell32 dll.
  • Better support for constructors in C++ Winelib apps.
  • Improved Regedit tool.
  • Full support for graphic tablets.
  • Lots of DirectMusic improvements.
  • Better support for video playback.
  • Full IME support for Asian locales.
  • Lots of bug fixes.
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Wine Weekly News Issue 205

January 16, 2004

WWN Issue 205 was released today.

Wine Weekly News Issue 204

January 9, 2004

WWN Issue 204 was released today.

Wine Weekly News Issue 203

January 2, 2004

WWN Issue 203 was released today.

Wine Weekly News Issue 202

December 26, 2003

WWN Issue 202 was released today.

CodeWeavers' CrossOver Plugin 2.1 released

December 23, 2003

CrossOver Plugin 2.1.0 is available for purchase from CodeWeavers' website. New features include better compatibility with newer Linux distributions and other bugfixes. See the announcement for more details.

Wine Weekly News Issue 201

December 19, 2003

WWN Issue 201 was released today.

TransGaming's WineX 3.2.1 Released

December 18, 2003

TransGaming released WineX 3.2.1 yesterday. Included are many game-specific fixes and workarounds. For more information, see the release notes.

Wine 20031212 Released

December 12, 2003

Initial implementation of XDND drag&drop support. Improved startup performance on remote displays. Major improvements in the oleaut32 dll. Some support for Netbios functions. Work around for Exec Shield and prelinking troubles. Many code cleanups. Lots of bug fixes.
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Wine Weekly News Issue 200

December 12, 2003

WWN Issue 200 was released today.

Wine Weekly News Issue 199

December 05, 2003

WWN Issue 199 was released today.

Press Coverage: SuSE 9.0 & CrossOver Office 2.1.0

December 2, 2003

OSNews published an article this week detailing one user's experience using CrossOver Office 2.1.0 with SuSE 9.0. Included is a nice screenshot showing Excel and the genetics program "Sequencher" running with the help of Wine.