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eric pouech eric.pouech at
Sat Apr 7 11:32:53 CDT 2001

someone (IIRC Gérard) had issues when starting the debugger when an
exception occured.
the setup was that the AeDebug registry key pointed to a shell script,
which in turn, 
launched the real debugger (used to set up different context options,
and such)

however, what happens is:
- the main program (the one generating the exception) tries to launch
the debugger
using the AeDebug
- the process creation forks, and exec:s the debugger program
- at the unix level, the debugged program starts, which runs the shell
script, which
then starts the debugger
- at the windows level, since the shell script isn't a Wine process, the
call fails
(even if an Unix process is created)
- the exception handler then reports the error in process creation and
stops the
main program, whereas the debugger has been started for this program

either we decide that shell scripts shouldn't be used (easy solution)
or we could do something like :
- if the CreateProcess fails, then wait for a certain amount of time. If
after that
time the current process isn't currently debugged, then report the
error. Otherwise
assume what did happen is what has been described above

comments are welcome

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