OpenGL Visual Management ... continued.

Gavriel State gav at
Mon Apr 16 12:41:46 CDT 2001

lawson_whitney at wrote:
> On Mon, 16 Apr 2001, Gavriel State wrote:
> > Can you double-check that you applied the patch correctly?  I was experiencing
> > exactly the behaviour you describe on my system in 8-bit mode, and the patch
> > (included again, just in case) does a good job of fixing it on my machine.
> >
> > If this fix isn't the right one, I'm at a loss to explain what's going on.
> >
> >  -Gav
> I did do a make clean in all the x11drv's and make again, I didn't want
> to believe it either, and I looked at the source to make sure the
> patch applied, but I will check it all again tomorow.  I think there may
> be some other fairly recent patch involved.  I have been using 16 bpp
> lately because 8bpp looks like 5bpp even with the setup_opengl_visual
> comented out (I assumed that some other patch had changed that, but not
> so) - so something else is wrong.  Also, with setup_opengl_visual
> active, I have critsect timeouts, and have a hard time to get the app to
> start at all.

I'm not sure about this last problem - unless it's somehow that the X driver
for your card flakes out when asked for a double-buffered visual in 8-bit mode.

I have however figured out the other problem.  It's not that the code I 
added isn't working, it's that in desktop mode and non-managed mode, our
colormap isn't being switched in.  I thought that this could be because
we're not setting the WM_COLORMAP_WINDOW property of our created windows,
but a quick test of forcing it on in X11DRV_WND_CreateWindow was unable
to fix the problem.

Does anyone else have any idea what the problem might be there?  Is it 
the window manager's responsability to switch in the Colormap?  If so,
I guess that we need to do it ourselves for non-managed mode, but that
doesn't explain why it isn't working in desktop mode.


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