TrueType font metrics for PostScript driver

Gavriel State gav at
Sun Apr 29 22:57:52 CDT 2001

Ian Pilcher wrote:
> In order to Unicode-enable the PostScript driver, it needs information
> about about font encodings that isn't present in Adobe's AFM file
> format (glyph names for character encodings greater than 256).  For
> Type 1 fonts with a standard encoding, the driver can use the encoding
> in the Adobe Glyph List.  (There's no other choice.)
> TrueType font designers, however, seem to regard glyph naming as an
> opportunity to express their creativity.  Besides, the information is
> present in the TrueType font files, so the driver might as well use it.
> The driver could read this information directly from the font files, but
> this would make Wine dependant on the FreeType libraries, and that
> doesn't strike me as a wonderful idea.  Instead, I have cobbled together

What do you find objectionable about making wine work more closely with

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