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Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Tue Jun 5 06:38:18 CDT 2001

last time I checked (a month ago), the tool wasn't freely available (nor finished), so nothing can be done for now
when the tool is finished (<put here your date estimation>), one could be able to configure the tool for use in Wine (read: write the scripts for the things we want to check, like windows locks...)
but, the tool is (as of today) configured for Linux, and check can only be done agains the Linux tree (AFAIU, they check for specific constructs like getting a spin lock, enabling / disabling IRQ... so highly dependent on Linux source...)
however, I don't know (yet) the power of the script language they use for configuring, and whether it could be used for Wine...
you'll have to wait until the tool is released... (I suspect, the tool is still buggy *AND* still requires lots of processing by hand - you get a 100 warnings from where only a few are real issues).

> On the kernel list and in Alan Cox's patches for the kernel there are a lot
> of references to some logic checking tools being generated by Stanford.  I
> do not know if these are generally available but has anyone thought of
> running these against Wine?
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