wine binary loader problem - incorrect code at entry point

Mike McCormack mike_mccormack at
Mon Jun 11 07:21:44 CDT 2001


Using the latest CVS, i'm trying to run the Adobe acrobat installer
program (ar500enu.exe) and it crashes without doing anything at all.

i have traced the problem to bad code at the program's entry point...
which presumably means that the wrong piece of the program was mmapped
into memory.

i have run this program before using wine, (not recently though) and
it has worked. Other programs (such as the netscape installer) at
least start up and get going before crashing in a similar way.


from the debugger:

0x0040c110 (<Debugged process>.EntryPoint in <Debugged process>): decl

Using Sang Cho's disassembler i get:

//******************** Program Entry Point ********
:0040C110 55                      push ebp       
                                            Disassembly of File:

T.DateStamp = 351A66B8: Thu Mar 26 06:31:20 1998
Code Offset = 00000400, Code Size = 00010E00
Data Offset = 00011800, Data Size = 00003200
Number of Objects = 0005 (dec), Imagebase = 00400000h
   Object01:  .text   RVA: 00001000 Offset: 00000400 Size: 00010E00
Flags: 60000020
   Object02:  .rdata  RVA: 00012000 Offset: 00011200 Size: 00000600
Flags: 40000040
   Object03:  .data   RVA: 00013000 Offset: 00011800 Size: 00003200
Flags: C0000040
   Object04:  .idata  RVA: 0001A000 Offset: 00014A00 Size: 00001000
Flags: C0000040
   Object05:  .rsrc   RVA: 0001B000 Offset: 00015A00 Size: 0000A400
Flags: 40000040

and from the trace i get:

trace:module:PE_LoadImage loading C:\ar500enu.exe
trace:module:map_image mapped PE file at 0x400000-0x426000
trace:module:map_image mapping section .text at 0x401000 off 400 size
10e00 flags 60000020
trace:module:map_image mapping section .rdata at 0x412000 off 11200
size 600 flags 40000040
trace:module:map_image mapping section .data at 0x413000 off 11800
size 3200 flags c0000040
trace:module:map_image clearing 0x416200 - 0x417000
trace:module:map_image mapping section .idata at 0x41a000 off 14a00
size 1000 flags c0000040
trace:module:map_image mapping section .rsrc at 0x41b000 off 15a00
size a400 flags 40000040
trace:module:load_library loaded ntdll.dll 0x403512c4 40050000

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