undefined reference to main in _start

Gilroy Billard gilroy at trakonic.com
Mon Jun 25 13:40:14 CDT 2001

No, it is not.

Basically, I want to use wine_main and link the WINE source libraries into
my project, for example, libmsvfw32.so, libwine.so, etc.
This is what I did in the past and it worked fairly well. However, 20001202
and greater versions of WINE also require libntdll.so. This is fine too, but
now I get an error "crt1.o undefined reference to main in _start".

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On Mon, 25 Jun 2001, Gilroy Billard wrote:

> winemaker?  no I didn't know there was such a thing. I will take a look at
> it though. thanks

   Winemaker generates Makefiles to compile windows source with Winelib.
   But I don't think this is what you want to do, is it?

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