GDB remote debugging

eric pouech eric.pouech at
Thu May 10 13:41:34 CDT 2001

> winedbg can't, at least nobody knows
> how to attach winedbg to a running process.
well, winedbg can... and now everybody *SHOULD* know

start winedbg without any argument on commande line
then, use command 
walk process

you'll get a list of running processes
using the command
attach <pid>

really attaches to the running process

the only drawback of the method (compared to gdb interface) is that
the Win32 API doesn't allow to detach the debugger from a running
the only issue is to kill the debuggee (or the debugger)

> Anyone is free to migrate my code to winedbg or whatever if they think
> they can get around these issues, of course, but I don't plan to spend
> more time on this (that's why I submitted it).
me neither for the time being

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