Packing in mmsystem16 and supporting broken GetWindowLong use cases

Joshua Thielen thielen at
Wed Nov 21 16:09:15 CST 2001

Jukka Heinonen wrote:

>The second patch is because Wine mmsystem16 header does not use
>correct packing which results into 48 byte structure taking
>52 bytes and overwriting a pointer. This makes Civilization 2
>quite unhappy. Took almost a day to debug the game and 
>find out that the bugger who messes the pointer is really 
Yessss! Thanks for finding this bug! It would have taken me ages to find 
it. Finale was choking awfully after calling midiInGetDevCaps. It would 
go into an endless loop, trashing my hard-drive and forcing me to do a 
hard reset on my box. Your patch fixes the problem.


Josh Thielen

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