Q: Unimplemented control 256 for VxD device VNETBIOS

Uwe Bonnes bon at elektron.ikp.physik.tu-darmstadt.de
Thu Oct 18 05:03:25 CDT 2001

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Riedel <mriedel at inova-semiconductors.de> writes:

    Michael> I am going to migrate the EDA software environment from Windows
    Michael> NT to Linux but I have still some software components
    Michael> requireing Windows.  That's why I use Wine. I own and use some
    Michael> software packages licensed to a valid MAC address (flexlm MAC
    Michael> based license) and the corresponding NIC is present in the
    Michael> Linux system.

    Michael> Using wine-20010824 I get the following message:

    Michael> fixme:win32:DeviceIoControl Unimplemented control 256 for VxD
    Michael> device VNETBIOS

    Michael> I scanned the Web resources and studied the file
    Michael> 'win32/device.c' a little bit but I got no answers to my
    Michael> questions. Is there already a solution/implementation for this
    Michael> service? I am also ready to contribute (at least I hope I'm
    Michael> able to do so and it would be fun ;-) but I need some advice
    Michael> (docus, especially related to the VNETBIOS VxD and some general
    Michael> hints).

    Michael> I'm looking forward for any hints.

These FLEX LMs are always a problem.

I guess, the license isn't bind to a physical dongle on the parallel
port. So one can conclude that the software tries to read the MAC. This
probably happens in a NETBIOS.DLL call which then probably calls the
NETBIOS.VXD.  I propose you run with --debugmsg +relay,+snoop,+vxd and try
to decipher what is going on before that failing VXD call. In the easiest
approach, you can build a fake builtin NETBIOS DLL, with the appropriate
function returning the MAC in the first approach hardcoded or really reading
it with OS calls.

If running with --debugmsg +snoop crashes, I have a hack that may help
there. I have also patches for an empty NETBIOS dll.

However I guess that this probably isn't enough to make FLEX LM happy.


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