MCI Question -- sound problem

eric pouech eric.pouech at
Sat Oct 20 14:01:33 CDT 2001

> Ive been able to make counter-strike (half-life game mod) run perfectly
> on my system, i have network support, opengl support and it all works
> perfectly ...still, i have no sound.
> (forgot to say that no sound in ANY applications i run besides this game)
do you mean that sound isn't working for any other linux app ?

> I also copied all mci* files from a working Windows installation in
> order to fix my problem but it seems it did not work.
> I have ALSA installed in a 2.4 kernel (soon 2.4.12). The errors the game
> prompts me are all about not being able to use the MCI system for
> playback ( i believe that means the mci wave  driver for playing wav
> files ).
well, you should be more precise on the error (sent back by hl or by
exact wording... did you get any message on the console ?

> Another weird thing is that THERE IS some sound while browsing the game
> menus (whenever i click in any menu option ) once i accept the error
> messages. Still, when the real thing starts its all muted.
AFAIR, HL uses different types of playback mechanisms depending on where
it is (mciavi for splash screen, dsound for the game...)

> A strange thing i noticed is that my ~/.wine/config file didnt have any
> mci files in any of its config tags, but  other people did, so i added
> them. using the native and builting options:
> "mcicda.drv"   = "builtin, native"
> "mciseq.drv"   = "builtin, native"
> "mciwave.drv"  = "builtin, native"
> "mciavi.drv"   = "native, builtin"
> "mcianim.drv"  = "native, builtin"

you should add this too (or the native part)
"msacm.drv" = "builtin"
"midimap.drv" =

> So, im no wine expert at all, but it seems Wine isnt using *at all* my
> windows 98 mci drivers located in wines c:\windows\system directory.
well, as I wrote above, I don't remember HL using mci for playback but
rather dsound in the game... so, it could simply mean that your issue is
not MCI related but linked to another lib

the best way to start would be to:
1/ give the exact error messages
2/ try running wine with -debugmsg +mciwave and check if something is
   out (if not, -debugmsg +dsound should be a better alternative)

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