MCI Question -- sound problem

raddy rad2k at
Sat Oct 20 15:56:20 CDT 2001

Eric, thanks a lot for your reply, here is the information you requested:

whenever i run my script that does :
wine --winver win98 -- HL.EXE -game cstrike -console

im getting no error on the first menu screen, its weird since the errors 
i told you about showed up earlier this day. Anyways, when i join a 
game, i have the following messages in my wine console:

first (when connecting to a server):


once connection is accepted, i get a :

Warning: /halflife.wad not accessible from a DOS drive

and then get some:

(0x4056ff20,0x4532553c): ignoring lpcDSCBufferDesc
(0x4284b6fc)->(0x4056fefc): stub
(0x4284b6fc)->({b0210783-89cd-11d0-af08-00a0c925cd16},0x4056fef0): stub

Well the game is having a differente behaviour than earlier today but i 
still have no sound at all.  Ah! allright, if i launch the game without 
the -console parameter, i get the first screen errors:

"Could not open MCI file for playback: 266: There is an undetectable 
problem in loading the specified device driver." that message is 
prompted twice and whenever i click on the OK option i get the Click 
sound played.

So if i join a server i get the follo wing messages in the console:

 when still connecting :


  then the same:

Warning: /halflife.wad not accessible from a DOS drive

If i run the game with -debugmsg +mciwave i get the very same first 
screen error message
i also have the menu sound.  i get the same wad warning , etc..

If i run with +dsound, woha, i get LOTS of console message, kind of a 
FLOOD. they dont seem to be errors at all, let me see if i can paste any 
of them in here:

trace:dsound:DSOUND_MixerNorm (0x42837190) Best case
trace:dsound:DSOUND_MixOne new primary_mixpos=0, primary_advbase=0
trace:dsound:DSOUND_MixOne mixed data len=8192, still_behind=0
trace:dsound:DSOUND_timer completed processing

the game keeps loading..

and i get in Cstrike the following errors in the console:

"Unable to initialize wavein. Trying DirectSound unable to initia li ze 
Wave input . You wont be able to speak to other players throught a 

 and the console still flooded with messages.

 Any ideas?



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