Wine REALLY emulates Windows (was: Texture corruption in Wine)

David D. Hagood wowbagger at
Sun Dec 1 21:16:40 CST 2002

I am continually amazed at how well Wine emulates Windows - for example, 
my recent experiences show Wine has the whole "Just re-install it, it 
will fix it" thing down pat! 8^>

To recap the story thus far - Several months ago, I was able to play 
Halflife- Opposing force all the way through under Wine. Then my 
motherboard died, and I replaced it with an SMP mobo. I had to do some 
tweaks to my kernel, my X server, and to Wine to get everybody back up. 
But when I was done, and I went to install Halflife-Blue shift, the 
textures were screwed up. So were the textures in OpFor. I tried booting 
UMP, I tried scraping the fake Windows install and reinstalling, to no 
avail. Friday, I downloaded Transgamings WineX in an effort to remove a 
few variables from the matrix. WineX ran BlueShift and OpFor flawlessly 
- exonerating my X server, kernel and system.

So, this morning I set about trying to find out what changed in Wine.

I went back and pulled Wine as of the 20020902 tag, and rebuilt. Then I 
did my usual install method: rm /usr/local/winelibs 
/usr/local/include/wine /usr/local/bin/win* -R && make install

Still had no luck with Halflife - still had corrupted textures.

So, I moved my fake Windows and .wine directories out of the way, 
created new, empty directories, copied my old .wine/config over, 
re-installed the Wine default registry, and re-installed Blueshift.

And it worked.

OK, maybe the install had problems. I moved my new fake windows and 
.wine directories out of the way, and moved the old directories back.

And still, it worked. All textures were fine.

Note: at this point, I should have had the OLD install of Blueshift back 
in place, and the old registry. The very one that didn't work five 
paragraphs ago.

So, I went to my image of the current CVS of Wine, rebuilt it, and once 
again did a rm /usr/local/winelibs /usr/local/include/wine 
/usr/local/bin/win* -R && make install.

And still, it worked.

In theory, I should have been back to where I started from. Except where 
I started from didn't work. Where I was did.

Now, I am at a loss as to what could have changed from the non-working 
state to the working state. Like I said, Wine has the whole Windows 
"mysterious changes" thing down pat!

But it works.

As Bugs Bunny said, "I don't ask questions, I just have fun." So, I am 
off to kill some headcrabs.

But for the life of me I don't know HOW what I did fixed it....

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