Wine license change

David Elliott dfe at
Thu Feb 14 21:30:22 CST 2002

On 2002.02.14 15:25 Plato wrote:
> P.S. For the last time, please do not reply to me directly: only to the
> list.  PLEASE!

Actually, the ettiquette on this list is to hit Reply All and thus post 
both directly to the people involved in the discussion and also to the 
mailing list.

Personally I prefer this, and I was actually about to write an e-mail to 
Brett bitching about him replying to one of my mails, twisting my words 
around, and sending it only to the list.

I filter the list based on the headers from the list server.  So if the 
mail came through the list it goes into the wine-devel mailbox.  However 
when you send a mail both to me and cced to the list I get two copies.. 
one in my normal inbox which I can read and reply to immediately, and one 
which is in with the rest of the stuff in the mailbox for the list.

There have been lots of discussions about this in the past, so please 
don't flame someone (even if he is a flamer in all senses of the word) for 
doing what everyone else on the list does.


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