Enough! Let's be civil!

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Wed Feb 20 20:34:06 CST 2002

Brett Glass wrote:
> At 05:12 PM 2/20/2002, Jeremy White wrote:
> >Brett, I have long held a personal preference for
> >LGPL.
> That's not what you told me, face-to-face, when we met in
> October. In fact, aAt that time, you said that you had opted
> for the X11 license over the objections of one of your investors.
> Could it be that, being short on cash, you have now caved in to
> pressure on the part of one or more fanatical investors? This is
> one of the few explanations I can see for your sudden about-face.

please take a step back!  Our disagreements have degenerated into
some pretty ugly name-calling.  It's not productive, and we're
all unhappier for it.

As I posted a while ago, the whole disagreement is rather like
some fights opposing political parties get into.  This kind
of thing happens because equally good people simply view the
world differently enough that they draw different conclusions
from identical data.  You've seem it happen with Democrats, Republicans,
Greens and Libertarians, right?  Well, here it is, happening to 
the Free Software vs. the Open Software crowd (more or less).

Let's be statesmen, and agree to differ!   Having one X tree and
one LGPL tree would not be the end of the world.  It's not
optimal, but it's also not worth forming the 'Wine Liberation Front'
and knifing peoples' reputations in the back.

Let's give our opponants the benefit of the doubt.  Everyone who has
contributed useful code to Wine is a good person.

Yes, I've posted things that have bugged you and Patrick, and others,
and I apologize.  (I pledge not to post on three hours' sleep any more.)
- Dan

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