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Uwe Bonnes bon at
Tue Jul 9 02:42:57 CDT 2002

>>>>> "admiral" == admiral coeyman <admiral at> writes:

    admiral> Group, While running tests at my end, I found an odd problem
    admiral> that seems to have developed out of the blue.  It seems that
    admiral> only 32 bit dos executables will now run on my system.  All of
    admiral> the 16-bit executables that I've been using for the past few
    admiral> years generate 'bad exe' errors.  I've redownloaded most of the
    admiral> tree and nothing has fixed this problem.  Before I look too
    admiral> deep, is this a problem that anybody else has?  It's possible
    admiral> that my local tree has been damaged or that my development
    admiral> tools are not right.  God Bless, --Robert 'Admiral' Coeyman
    admiral> [I've had vga planets 4.0 running.]

Alexandre submitted something with regard to 16 bit yesterday
(wine/dlls/version info.c). Remove this and if that doesn't help remove all
other yesterdays patches step by step.

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