How to make a stub dll ?

Lionel Ulmer lionel.ulmer at
Thu Jun 20 16:50:23 CDT 2002

> I now have a box saying that Direct3D 8.0 isn't
> detected instead of a crash and my stub function
> reports it correctly on the d3d debug channel.

Nice :-)

> I see there's no bug for d3d implementation.
> Should I create it / submit diffs ?

Well, at least submit your work about D3D 8 stubbing. Let's hope that it
will once contain 'real' stuff :-)

And well, why would anyone need a bug to submit a patch ? We are not using
yet such an advanced software process !

> >   5) run make_dlls in the dlls directory
> it isn't in the doc now (grep make_dlls * returns
> nothing in wine/documentation)

Yeah, but when you look at 'dlls/' to add the new directory, you
will see that it's an auto-generated file => you will use make_dlls :-)

> >   6) add a 'dlls/d3d8/Makefile' line in
> > and regenerate configure
> needs autoconf 2.53 & automake 1.6, not available

Not available ? I downloaded them from and they work fine.


		 Lionel Ulmer -

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