Road to 0.9

Jeremy White jwhite at
Wed Mar 20 08:20:08 CST 2002

> Yven, could you put information about the application
> to the Application Database
> (
> It would be also great if you could maintain
> information about these applications there, put nice
> screenshots, detailed description etc. This won't take
> a lot of your time, but it is a great help to the Wine
> image to have 2 more applications with rating "works
> perfectly" in the application database.

As a side note, the design for the app db called
for a 'maintainer' field.  The thought was that
people trying to use that app could (possibly) email
the maintainer.  Sort of a live discussion/support area
for each app.  Hmm.  Maybe just email each new
comment posted to the maintainer rather than encourage
email flooding.

The further thought was that with each new release cut, 
there could be a 'sounding off' process, whereby each registered
maintainer would validate that the new release
worked with their app.  A user of the app db
could then see a list of 'verified' Wine releases.

We didn't really have a clear vision of exactly
what was necessary, but Jer (Newman, that is) is very good
at tweaking that stuff, so if others have
better ideas, fire away.

Of course, Jer has a mile high pile of
*other* things he has to get done first...<g>


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