Introduction and Sparc Solaris Status

Hetz Ben Hamo hetz at
Fri Mar 22 17:06:50 CST 2002

> I'm trying to get winelib working on Sparc-solaris.  I've got a few
> questions I'd like to ask, but I'm going to post them as separate
> messages, to keep the threading tidy.

On Sparc processor? you mean you're emulating all the other layers too? like 
processor, ram, video etc? isn't it kinda ... slow?

Don't get me wrong - if this works fast on Sun Blade 100 - then hey, I'll be 
happy to put it right here ;)

Have you managed to run something a bit more complicated then notepad? again - 
I (and I'm sure others) will be happy to hear about this stuff...


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