Mozilla 1.0.1 Win32 works almost flawlessly

Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Mon Nov 11 04:13:45 CST 2002

That may be ok for renaming wininint.ini, but there is a whole bunch of 
other stuff that needs to be done. Off the top of my head, I can think 
of the following:
windows.ini run= sections

On NT, remove the RunServicesOne and RunServices and wininit.ini, but 
instead add
Delayed rename (easier for us to implement, actually)
Default registry
All users start menu

I must admit that I am not sure where Andreas' current code stands. I 
will note that, in many ways, the NT infrastructure is easier for us to 
implement than the 9x infrastructure.


Dominik Strasser wrote:

> Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:
>> On November 7, 2002 11:40 am, Andreas Mohr wrote:
>> [Cc:ed to the list maybe people want to comment of it]
>>> Now how to solve the winelauncher wineboot launch problem ?
>>> This needs to be done on first launch only, and it needs to avoid race
>>> conditions.
>>> Maybe we could add the lockfile command (courtesy procmail) to Wine
>>> and implement it with that ?
>> I think we need a well defined notion of 'boot'
>> What about this: on server startup, we do this:
>>    if (wine_need_reboot())
>>     spawn("wineboot");
>> The thing is:
>>   1. dead simple
>>   2. atomic, avoids races
>>   3. fast
>> Surely I may be missing something, but what's wrong with the above?
>> (mind you, I know nothing about the server, but still... :))
> Ever since this discussion has started, I am thinking of doing the 
> above on server _shutdown_. But I always had (and have) the feeling 
> that I am missing something.
> Regards
> Dominik

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