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Gavriel State gav at transgaming.com
Wed Nov 13 14:52:37 CST 2002

Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> David Hammerton <david at transgaming.com> writes:
>>If we just always used the dibengine no matter what, we would sometimes 'lose' 
>>on the whole coerce thing - what if the dibsection (or whatever) is in 
>>gdimod, we'd then have to do a whole copy of it back to sync things up, which 
>>is just silly when we could use x11's renderer (the image is already over 
> But if we always use the DIB engine there won't be any coerce stuff at
> all, everything will be done directly in the DIB and we won't use the
> X11 renderer. Then the only time you have to copy is when doing a
> BitBlt to the screen.

The DIB engine is a long way from being finished, however.  There are some major
missing features - text rendering, for example.  If the DIB engine is integrated
in such a way that it completely replaces X rendering for DIBSections, it will
work poorly for many applications, and would be less likely to get used and

With the current architecture, it can be improved on a completely incremental


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