Possibly my last question... for a while. ;-)

Fredrick P. Lackey fred.lackey at marbellasoftware.com
Mon Nov 18 12:21:32 CST 2002


I feel really bad bothering a developers list with such basic questions,
but. well. you all ARE the most responsive of everyone I've met so far.
And, since you seem to hold the key to getting my @$$ of Micrsoshaft,
then. well. I guess I'm sorry but I'm not.  ;-)  

(By the way, if there is every anything I can do to repay you for your
assistance and patience, consider it done.)

As much as it pains me to ask, has anyone tried installing VMWare v3.x
(either the Linux or Windows version) into Red Hat v8.0?  If so, did you
get it work?  And, if so, then how?

Again, my goal most definitely is to use Wine and Wine alone, however, I
can't even consider moving forward unless I can use my environment for
ALL of my current tasks (which includes development for M$,

Thanx, either way.  And, again, thank you for all of your help.


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