Some fixes in capabilities

Lionel Ulmer lionel.ulmer at
Tue Nov 26 15:56:06 CST 2002

> Oh pleeeeze... I thought that at least the Wine developers are reading
> the wine docu properly... ;-)

You should know now that developpers are the one that read the
documentations the less :-)

> Read It explains how to do relay logging for a single DLL.
> Although I'm afraid that this might actually be broken at the moment
> maybe :-\

I do not want to turn on relaying for only one DLL (as I have no clue at all
where the problem is)... What I want is to turn on relaying for all DLLs
*after* the program has started (and *from* one of Wine's DLL and not from
the loader or any other 'special' code).

Ie, the program starts, loads the level / stuff for 10 minutes (and whould
have produced a 2.5 GB log unreadable without big file support) and then
only the last 10 seconds are important. So I would like to only relay these.


		 Lionel Ulmer -

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