WineHQ: whitespace

Dimitrie O. Paun dimi at
Wed Apr 16 00:12:38 CDT 2003

On 15 Apr 2003, Jeremy Newman wrote:

> Please don't accuse me of using Windows. I would never do such a thing.
> ;) The problem comes from copy/paste the patch from my email prog
> (Evolution) to my text editor (Anjuta). I my web code, I prefer to use 4
> spaces for indenting, no tab characters please. Don't give me the spaces
> take more time to transfer over http crap, our web server uses gzip
> encoding. <g>

Oh come on, please don't accuse me of even thinging about such crap! :)
Sorry, I don't care what I use -- tabs, spaces, all that matters to me
is for the thing to line up. Since those pages are maintained at my site,
it is important to keep them in synch, otherwise I'll not be able to
provide good updates.

> The patch was rejected by the patch command, so I had to manually line
> by line apply it (ish).

Ouch. Don't do that -- just reject it if it doesn't apply, I'll send
it again, no problem.

> In the future, attachments will be preferred for patches. I may just
> decide to not apply them otherwise.

Sure, if you so prefer. But the problem is that you used copy & paste.
Just pipe the email body to patch, that'll do the job.


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