Windows API db / find APIs missing for a given app

Dave Miller compsol at
Mon Aug 4 22:43:36 CDT 2003

Great idea having the option to display only differences between 
versions or the entire output.  That should make things much more 
readable.  Good ideas.  I will add a checkbox and a menu list of dlls to 
my to-do list.  :)

Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:

>On August 4, 2003 02:56 pm, Vincent Béron wrote:
>>I checked the unimplemented APIs for vcdeasy, and there are two things:
>>- Cygwin's dlls (cygz, cygjpeg6b, cygxml2-2, cygwin1) are listed, when
>>they're not part of a Windows installation. You should try to separate
>>what's part of Windows (any version), and what can be found elsewhere
>>(from an application, a toolkit, etc.).
>>- Also, in gdi32, BitBlt and StretchBlt are marked as stubs. I have a
>>hard time believing that. What's your method to identify stubs?
>Cool. Another idea:
>  The output should be organized on a per-DLL basis. In fact, I
>  think the best way would be to output a list of lists:
>  <ul>
>    <li> <a name="USER32.DLL"></a><strong>USER32.DLL</strong>
>      <ul>
>        <li> first difference
>        <li> second difference
>        <li> ...
>      </ul>
>    <li> <a name="ANOTHER.DLL"></a><strong>ANOTHER.DLL</strong>
>      ...
>    ...
>  </ul>
>  This works very well when no DLL is selected (so all DLLs are
>  compared), as well as when one DLL is selected, because it
>  makes it explicit what's going on. Same idea can be applied
>  to apps.
>  Also, would be very nice to get a "menu" at the top of the
>  page will all the DLL/apps listed within, so one can click
>  on one and jump directly to it. This menu can be as simple
>  as:
>  <a href="#USER32.DLL">USER32.DLL</a> 
>  <a href="#ANOTHER.DLL">ANOTHER.DLL</a>
>  ...
>  That is, just let the browser lay them out.
>  (You may want to strip the .DLL, I'm not sure).

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