Porting to OpenBSD 3.4-beta

Ove Kaaven ovehk at ping.uio.no
Sat Aug 23 22:53:35 CDT 2003

søn, 24.08.2003 kl. 04.13 skrev Dan Brosemer:
> I see that message is in relay32/builtin32.c, printed if MODULE_FindModule
> returns nothing.
> In MODULE_FindModule in this loop:
>     for ( wm = MODULE_modref_list; wm; wm = wm->next )
>     {
>       .....
>     }
> I added a printf("MOD: %s\n", wm->modname);  which prints out "MOD: wine"
> four times before the error message above.
> I'm curious how MODULE_modref_list is seeded.  That's where I think I'll
> find a clue to my problem.  Could anyone give me some pointers?

ntdll.spec.c (generated by winebuild) contains a global constructor to
automatically call __wine_spec_ntdll_init as soon as the .so is loaded,
this init routine calls __wine_dll_register which eventually adds the
DLL to that list. Perhaps you need to adapt the ".section .init" thing
in there.

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