Status : Multimedia section

Tom twickline at
Tue Dec 2 03:50:22 CST 2003

Boaz Harrosh wrote:
> What about the DirectShow and DMO side of things. Should they not be 
> listed to complete the Multimedia picture?


DirectShow = Quartz.dll
And DirectShow is listed under the DirectX section of the status page
as Quartz.dll is a part of DirectX.

But have no fear, I plan to expand the DirectX section next
and list msdmo, devenum, d3d9 and so on. :-)
But in the future im going to just go with Quartz.dll and not DirectShow
as people ask me to also list quartz......

> Mainly the filters in Quartz.dll and other basic filters that come with 
> the OS.

If you can code im sure Robert would welcome the help :)

> if you want me to, I can make a list of the Basic filters and Interfaces 
> that are needed (and the dlls they are implemented in. but that is not 
> Important in DS) .

Well so far we have only lised components that have to some degree
been implemented in wine. Here is where I will cheat and ask, should I
also list components that are not implemented? 0% items.......

  I'm not sure which of them get Installed when you
> download a new Media player from MS, and which ones are strictly OS. I 
> do know that the status must be good if CrossOver is able to run 
> Windows-Media-Player.

Yip.. And if you install the divx codecs into cx-plugin it will play 
divx movies :)


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