Winspool errors with notepad

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Sun Feb 2 22:32:05 CST 2003

trace:winspool:AddPrinterA ((null),2,0x407c2c1c): stub
trace:winspool:AddPrinterW (L"",2,0x4026ac58)

Following these debug messages, we see that the name of the server on
which the server is installed changes fromNULL to "".
Currently we dont support remote printers and the the name must be NULL
the function fails.
It lies into wine/dlls/winspool/info.c :
    if(pName != NULL) {
        ERR("pName = %s - unsupported\n", debugstr_w(pName));
        return 0;

The file was updated to avoid HEAP_strdupAtoW calls.
Matthew, could you look at this ?

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