Windows API (What I have so far)

Dave dmiller at
Sun Feb 9 16:48:28 CST 2003

Ok, here is new HTML.  I used c:\windows as the path so gdiplus would be 

I'll add the newlines, but haven't yet.  So new HTML doesn't have them.

At 12:25 AM 2/10/2003 +0200, you wrote:
>David Miller wrote:
>>I checked my system for gdiplus.dll.  It simply is not under 
>>c:\windows\system32, which is the path I gave when I made the sample 
>>HTML.  It is under c:\windows\winsxs.
>>The new program strips the path and dll extension in the HTML output.
>>Would it be better to reverse that change, and include the path and 
>>extension to be compatible with your parser?
>I don't think that would be necessary. Just make sure that in the HTML you 
>add a real NL after each <br> (or otherwise make the interesting parts at 
>most one per line), and that SHOULD work.
>My parser removed the path if it's there, and removes the extension if 
>it's .dll. If the files have no path and no extension, that should still 
>work fine (I would love to either have you check that, or give me an up to 
>date HTML for me to check against).
>            Shachar
>Shachar Shemesh
>Open Source integration consultant

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