win.ini _3_ bounced and I have no idea why ????????????????

Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Tue Jun 24 05:29:42 CDT 2003

Quoting Tom <twickline at>:

> I am in favor of a bounced patch list ... And how this would work 
> is...... in short
> if Alexandre thinks someones patch sucks he would re-direct it to a 
> bounced list
> and a verrrrrrrrry short answer why he thinks it sucks.. Then we would 
> know if our patch is on que
> or on the sucks list :))  And why he thinks it should be there .....
> Then no one woul'd have to wonder !! Well only wonder how to fix our 
> crapy patch so it will get excepted
> the next time that is......
> Anyone have any comments ?
> Tom

Two comments:
A. While I agree this would create a pleasenter environment for the patch
submitters, this would not solve the problem of forgotten patches. You will
still not be able to "launch and forget" your patches, as they may simply be
overlooked by mistake.
B. Any scheme that looks solely at the benefit to one side, but requiring extra
work from another side, is really not up to us to decide upon. If Alexander
believes he is up to forwarding to such a list, this list will happen. If
Alexander thinks this is more work than he is capable of, he won't.

In any case, I believe the subject only comes up after Alexander takes a
vacation, and patches pile up. I think a simple policy where Alexander PROMISES
that he will send a short email saying "as far as I'm concerned, all patches
submitted more than 48 hours ago have been processed" will let us all know that
this is the time to search for our patch in the latest CVS, and decide whether
to resubmit, fix and resubmit, or ask for reasons for the reject.

I don't think a reject list is necessary for the standard case.


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