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Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Sat Mar 1 02:23:31 CST 2003

> it isnt, we cannot debug our program this way.
> ugly workaround (and the only way to have "normal" display wuith
> keyboard events) :
> use wineconsole wcmd in a xterm, do a redirection 2>log
> and another window: tail -f log.

btw, wineconsole wcmd doesn't work
you must use wineconsole

(or use the patch from yesterday evening which introduces the --backend 
wineconsole option)

>>the quick-edit/mouse emulation switch isn't in place yet (we're
>>in mouse emulation mode). I'll look into it
> would be useful to have error messages from the applications, wouldn't
> be ?
well, as soon as you say I give full control of the screen console to 
one app (which is what the console means), I don't really see how you 
can easily mix the error streams from that

the only way I see is:
1/ in winconsole, redirect 2/stderr to a pipe (if it's a tty fd)
2/ this pipe (writing side) will be inherited by all wineconsole's 
children (ie the ones using the console as output)
3/ then wineconsole can decide what to do with the pipe's output (for 
example if the screen is big enough print that information too...)

but, this may require quite a big of an effort (especially for 3/)


Eric Pouech

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