(Mis)using threads

Florian Schirmer jolt at tuxbox.org
Tue Mar 11 16:10:15 CST 2003


>If you boost all threads, they'll fight among themselves, although they 
>should have more than normal Linux processes.

The app does a great job balancing the thread priorities. (It runs pretty
well on any Win32 OS). Increasing the priority of the complete wine system
seems to make things a bit better. But there is nothing running beside the
app (except wine and the X server).

>The scheduler seems to be in wine/scheduler. Specific files include 
>scheduler/process.c and thread.c. thread.c mostly calls the wineserver 
>for priorities, so you could also check in the server what it does with 

Thanks, i will dig around a bit.

>Most probably nothing is ever done with the Win32 priorities.

Mhh doh. Maybe i should hack the sheduler a bit.

Thanks a lot for you reply!


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