Anyone working on ListView?

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Tue Mar 11 23:40:40 CST 2003

Tuesday, March 11, 2003, 6:14:22 AM, Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:

> On March 11, 2003 01:41 am, Vitaliy Margolen wrote:

>> 1. Vertical Scroll boundaries are not set properly in Icon and SmallIcon
>> modes. I hacked this one but it's not correct - still missing about 10-20
>> pixels. Not sure why.

> I know, there was on previous bug report about it. Feel free to submit a
> patch. In general, Icon and SmallIcon modes have more problems than the
> Report and List modes :(
I got it figured out. At least for simplified case. I got a question:
tagLISTVIEW_INFO is our structure or it's MS defined one? If former, I can add
few more variables to it : maxHight and maxWidth - to track dimensions of ListView.
And update it every time on inserts and refreshes.

>> 2. ACDSee's Big Icons mode doesn't show anything at
>> all. Not sure what the problem here. It looks like it is possible to select
>> something with keyboard. But still nothing on on the screen.
> Odd -- you'll need to debug this a little. Remember, the listview can't
> gracefully handle more than 30000 or so items in Icon and SmallIcon mode,
> so please test with lists smaller than that.
It's mach smaller than that. I had just 10-20 items. I might try with something
less sophisticated than ACDSee. Somewhere I have explorer like program written in
Delphi. Should be perfect for this.

>> 5. Resizing window does not rearrange icons. Only doing "refresh - F5"
>> rearranges icons in the proper fashion.
> It should. Can you capture a +listview trace of a resizing event?
So far it reacts when size get's too small to fit right most column of icons. But
nothing when size gets bigger enough for one more column. I will try to get some
meaningful logs out of it.

>> 6. Biggest mystery to me - some items missing image names. This happens in
>> all modes. ACDSee is using callbacks for text/images. So I'm not sure where
>> the problem is. There are some activity going on with all file names
>> according to trace:string. But GetDispInfo returns blanks. Although
>> thumbnails and preview are displayed properly.
> Hmmm. This is strange, it shouldn't do that. Are the missing names
> always the same?
Yes missing names are always the same one. One more interesting fact: if directory
missing name - all files in it don't have them neither.

Vitaliy Margolen

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