Mutual Debugging Efforts

Duane Clark dclark at
Wed Mar 12 12:28:37 CST 2003

James wrote:
> On Wed, 2003-03-12 at 17:28, Mike Hearn wrote:
>>Hi, that version is over half a year old. Compiling from source is a bit
>>harder than using RPMs, but not much. If you can keep up with CVS then
>>upgrading is pretty easy as well.
> Yes, I was wondering about this. RH are often quite good at new
> releases, but perhaps only for security issues or bugs they consider
> more serious in non-development systems and hence they've not even tried
> to deliver a newer RPM for Wine. Oh well, I might have to try biting the
> bullet. Very badly pressed for time at present though :(

Since I recently provided instructions elsewhere, here is a copy. I 
would ignore the tarball method mentioned in the wine documentation; I 
consider it more trouble than it is worth. This takes only a few 
minutes, other than the time spent waiting for the Wine compile to 

First uninstall the Wine that you have (you can always reinstall it 
later if desired). Then..

Create the file ~/.cvspass and put in the line:
:pserver:cvs at Ah<Z

Create the file ~/.cvsrc and put in:
cvs -z 3
update -PAd
diff -u

Type "cvs checkout wine", and in a few minutes (assuming a reasonable
internet connection) you should have a complete Wine tree. CD into it
and type "./tools/wineinstall", or do it manually:
make depend
make install (as root)

And you should then be ready to go. That really should be all there is 
to it. Then in the future to update, you just CD into the wine directory 
and type "cvs update", and then redo the last four steps above.

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