WineHQ Idea

Dimitrie O. Paun dimi at
Fri Mar 21 10:43:46 CST 2003

On 21 Mar 2003, Jeremy White wrote:

> Um, Dimi, I am not sure what would be more clear than the
> proposed 'Latest Release' box right there; that's the latest
> important news.  Right below it are all of the most current
> headlines, nicely organized through the power of WWN and the
> very nice work of Brian.  

You are avoiding the issue. As I was saying, WWN is great. But it
has a different focus/usage pattern. Both magazines (Time, etc.) and
news services (CNN, Reuters, etc.) have their purpose, and they are
not mutually exclusive. Also, read again through the WWNs: they are
99% directed to developers. And this is GOOD! But we need an
announcement place for important events. Again, the status quo is
to have such a thing: what is the argument _against_ it?

> I can't imagine what else would go in an 'announcements' box down
> in the center of the page?  And who would write it?

When the KDE has a release, they do a press release which would go there.
When a WWN is published, a small note would go in there. When Codeweavers,
or Transgaming release a product, a pointer to the press release will go
in there. It's like a community billboard. These should go there near real
time, not wait a week for a new issue of WWN. When the site is updated with 
a new WWN, or release, or what have you, someone will make an entry there.

Some examples:
   o       (Latest News)
   o     (FootNotes News)
   o      (Fresh from the Press)
   o   (News)
   o     (Samba News)
   o etc., etc...

The list can go on and on. What project does NOT have such a news area?
I would note that most of these projects also have a WWN-like publication.
As such, as a matter of policy, I don't think I should be arguing for it,
but the argument should be against it if we don't want it. I think it's needed.


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