WineHQ Idea

Jeremy White jwhite at
Fri Mar 21 20:08:17 CST 2003

> No, you are missing the point. I've repetead several time why
> the scope and focus and target audience is different for a
> "Latest News" and WWN. Same as monthly magazine vs. news channel.
> Please reply to those, ignoring them every time will not make
> for a very informative discussion :)

Perhaps I am missing the point.
I have taken your statements to mean:

    1.  There is news that occurs more frequently
        or more urgently than the schedule of WWN
        allows (news channel, not monthly magazine).

    2.  There is a flavor of news that appeals to
        a different audience than what WWN appeals to.

Is that essentially your point, or have I missed it?

> I would also like to reiterate: it seems to me that it's not for me
> to argue for it, but for you to argue against it if you feel strongly.
> We went through this before, and the conclusion was that we should
> stick close to status quo unless we have overriding objections. It is
> very clear to me what the status quo is.

I'm sorry, I am befuddled by this closing paragraph.  If our default
is to  "stick close to status quo" then staying with
the WWN would be the status quo.  How is that it is not for you
to argue for a change to the status quo, but instead I have to
argue against any proposed change to the status quo?

It strikes me that it is appropriate for you to make an argument for
a change to the status quo.  In fact, you have argued for
quite a number of changes, many of which were, imo, quite good.

I think you have made an argument for a change - you'd like to
add a 'Latest News' section.

The way this works, I thought, is you get to propose the idea,
and I get to belittle it <grin>.

Seriously, I just do not where this 'latest news' will come from
and who will maintain it.  I also do not see how it will be significantly
different from the WWN, which I think is quite nicely done.

Other than that, I think it's a great idea <grin>.  I have to admit, I could
see that it might be fun to have a spot to highlight the fun
project of the week, or some other tidbit we want to highlight from time
to time.



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