Contributing page needs fixing

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Sun Mar 30 10:22:47 CST 2003

On March 30, 2003 04:53 am, Francois Gouget wrote:
> 'Wine is almost finished and there are few things that are missing --
> and these can't by just anyone. Really, now the last thing we need is
> people comming over and messing with the source.'

You can't "slightly transpose" things and expect that you get anything
interesting. Look, all I'm saying is that this gives the wrong impression.
Wine really needs developers in 99% of the cases. We can have the greatest 
website, and a nice Bugzilla, and all the organization that we'd want, but 
without code, it's nothing. On the other hand, any improvement in the code 
will get us more users, more developers, more mind share, and that will 
result in people helping out *automatically* without us asking for help.

So let's look at the Contributing page. We ask for web people. Fine.
We could use some, granted, but do we really need anyone at the
moment? What would they do? I've posted a "still  TODO" list a few
days ago, almost nothing there can be easily done by a newcomer.
Actually what we need is someone that monitors the wine-devel list
like Brian so they can keep things like the Who's Who etc up to date.
But for those we don't need to advertise on that page!

So my problem is one of priorities. The very first thing we say is:
we need help with the web site! But that's simply false. What we
really need is developers, people testing apps, and customers for
Wine-based companies. Period. The rest matters less than 0.000001% 
in the great scheme of things. So let's be truthful, I think it works
better in the long run.


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