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Sun May 4 21:27:59 CDT 2003

I continued looking at the component list and especially the component
definition page:

Some interesting things I noticed:

 * wine-patches
   'Report consisting solely of a patch'

   I think this should be a keyword, 'patch', rather than a component.

 * wine-help
   'Basic support or configuration request'

   I think such requests belong to wine-users rather than Bugzilla. The
reason is that I see Bugzilla as a way for developpers to track bugs in
the code and reports such as 'Application foo does not work' are
quite useless to developpers. They start to become more useful when you
get to the level of a crash with a relay log, a stack trace, a
meaningful FIXME, etc.
   That being said, I'm not sure it would be 'right' to close such bugs.
But I think our policy should be to at least direct the reporter to
wine-users and assign the bug to the 'wine-help' component.

 * wine-ole
   'OLE, Active X'

   We should change the description as follows:
   'OLE, Active X, Com, DCOM'

 * wine-directx
   'DirectDraw, DirectSound, Direct3D, DirectPlay'

   I noticed some DirectSound bugs were assigned to 'wine-multimedia'
and it's true that there can be some confusion. The above settles it.

 * wine-gdi
   'Drawing, graphics, fonts, drivers'

   That appears to include BiDi. But I still think an
internationalization keyword that would cover BiDi, XIM, dead-keys, and
localization of resources would be a good thing.

 * wine-gui
   'Controls, dialogs, shell'

   I was wondering where 'shell' bugs should go. 'wine-gui' it is

 * Nothing says where registry issues should go. 'wine-kernel'?
   Same question for opengl issues.
   For msvcrt/crtdll issues (but I already proposed to add wine-crt). We
really need it too, I have seen at least a dozen msvcrt bugs assigned to
various components, the most common one being 'wine-misc'!

 * I still think it would be nice to be able to attach a bug to a
specific dll. I don't know if that means we should add a bunch of
components or a bunch of keywords or find yet another mechanism.
   Similarly having keywords/components corresponding to the debug
channels would be nice.

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