Agent opens on another desktop (revisited)

Gerhard W. Gruber sparhawk at
Sat May 10 16:45:01 CDT 2003

I just happend to install OpenOffice on my system and while the installation
was running I switched to another desktop. When OO installation was finished,
a dialog popped up, telling me so. The mahor difference to wine running Agent
is, that Agent opened the new dialog on my current desktop, while the OO
installer switched me back to the desktop where I launched the main program
and showed me the dialog there.
Either they did provide for this specifically or they use a different method.
How does wine handle this? Could it be that wine retrieves the desktop info
always anew and OO maybe only at startup and passes it on? My guess would be
that this happens in OO, so I think it would be better to do this in wine as
well. I think it is rather counterintutive when suddenly a messagebox or
something pops up out of nowhere. Also there could be circumstances where a
dialog or messagebox is hidden because the user just switched. These
circumstances could be provided for if the windows for an application stay on
the same desktop where the main app is running. This doesn't mean that wine
should run entirely on the same desktop it started from, only indivudual
applications should. I don't know enough of the X lower stuff, so maybe
somebody who knows this area could comment on it. Thanks.

Gerhard Gruber

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