RFH: winetest testing

Jakob Eriksson jakov at vmlinux.org
Wed Apr 21 17:47:51 CDT 2004

Ferenc Wagner wrote:

>Eric Pouech <pouech-eric at wanadoo.fr> writes:
>>>The second part, yes.  But winetest must have been made
>>>into a console app, so it pops up a console when it
>>why do you need a console?
>Er, I don't know.  Winetest itself doesn't really need it,
>but WinRash (the service) couldn't execute it otherwise.  We
>don't understand this.  Apart from this, winetest has
>console mode, when it doesn't display a gui but logs into
>its console.  I couldn't find a way to presen gui or
>console mode based on a command line option (I asked on
>Win32 programmers' forum, the only solution was XP only.)

Hmm... what about this:

compile winetest.exe in two versions - one in console, one in gui mode.
Let us call them winetestC.exe and winetestG.exe

Add a third wrapper winetest.exe to contain both versions in the same 
way that
all the regression test exes are contained.

Let the wrapper read a command line option and start winetestC.exe and
winetestG.exe respectively.

This adds overhead, but only two times what the .obj - files in
programs/winetest/ take up.


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