Program runs okay, but has tiny font.

Niek Beernink omega at
Sun Aug 1 12:23:20 CDT 2004

Nick Capik wrote:

>If you haven't received a response yet, try the following:
>1.  Change the resolution setting in the wine config file to a higher 
>number.  I use 150 with my screen, but something around 120 may suit 
>you better.
>2.  For menus, which don't appear to be a problem in your screen shot, 
>you need to add lines in win.ini as follows: (note I use a point size 
>of 18, but something smaller may suit you better).
>	[Desktop]
>	menufontsize=18
>Nick Capik
Thanks for your reply, and no I didn't receive a response yet.

Setting the font resolution to 120 or 150 didn't change anything.
When I added the lines you mentioned to win.ini only the
menu fontsize increased. (But this is what you said.)
Isn't there a toggle for the fontsize in the parts of the program that
have small fonts?
Maybe the author of this program hardcoded the fontsize or something?

Best regards,

Niek Beernink.

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