winecfg: a patch to review

Mike Hearn mike at
Thu Jan 15 06:08:17 CST 2004


The patch looks good except for this bit.

On Wed, 14 Jan 2004 18:20:44 -0500, Kirk Ruff wrote:
> +    sprintf(key, WINE_KEY_ROOT "\\AppDefaults\\%s\0", currentApp);

Why do you explicitly null terminate this string? It shouldn't be needed,

> +    return_if_fail(

You can't use RegDeleteKey to recursively delete subkeys, it's not that
intuitive. You need to use SHDeleteKey. See MSDN:

It's in shlwapi so you may need to do add that to the link line in the

Ideally of course this stuff would go via the transaction system (so in
the hypothetical future users can undo it, and we can delay it until the
user hits apply in explicit-apply mode).

Once you fixed that, please do submit this to wine-patches! :)

thanks -mike 
(who wrote most of winecfg last September so feel free to ask
him questions :-)

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