Port to native x86_64?

Sean Kormilo sean at kormilo.ca
Mon Jun 21 18:30:30 CDT 2004

Greetings -

I'm interested in porting Wine to run in native x86_64 mode, and was
wondering if anyone had attempted to do such a thing already? I notice
that there does not appear to be any support in CVS to do this, but
figured that perhaps someone else is already undertaking such an effort.

My main motivation for doing so has to do with video driver support, in
that the 32bit "emulated" applications are unable to use the 64bit 3D
accelerated drivers, and fall back to software rendering - which is less
than ideal. While this may eventually be resolved by the device drivers,
I'd rather not wait for them.

Any comments, or hints as to what needs to be done (other than the
obvious compile time fixes) would be appreciated. I've got software
development experience, but none porting code from a 32bit architecture
to a 64bit one.



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