Running "United Devices Agent" (was Unhandled API Call to Kernel32 Question)

Roger Olson u60 at
Thu May 13 22:51:08 CDT 2004

Tue, 11 May 2004 23:22:27 +0100 Mike Hearn Wrote:
> Sure. Be warned : this would be a major project for you. There is a
> huge world of difference between writing VB apps and writing a
> Windows emulator.
> First thing you need to do is learn C. Unfortunately VB
> doesn't cut it at this sort of level, C and possibly assembly is what you
> need, don't worry about asm for now.
> Once you've got a handle on C (don't worry if you find it hard at first,
> when I started on Wine I didn't really know C that well either), look at
> the POSIX signal APIs. Play about with test apps sending signals between
> them.
> When you feel comfortable with C and signals, you need to propose a design
> for the CreateRemoteThread implementation. I can suggest one if you get
> stuck. If people seem to think it's OK, you need to go ahead and write a
> patch and submit it. Good luck!
Just a quick update.  That's a challenging list of things to do so it will
be a bit of time before I get back with more intelligent questions.  I have
reading all the wine 'readme' files in an attempt to put things into
perspective and
started to study C using what reference materials I have at my disposal (MS
Win32 SDK).  I learned how to print "Hello World" on the screen using C and
seriously, that is more than I knew yesterday.

When I get up to speed, will contact with further questions.

Thanks Again, Roger

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